Mailing Labels

DirectMailTools can provide mailing label PDF’s for printing at your office or home, Avery mailing labels, and Postal reports for automated mailings:

Mailing Labels PDF’s. Printable PDF’s will be e-mailed to you so that you can print your own Avery labels at your office. You will need to click “continue” below to let us know your information and the Avery Labels you intend to use.

Label PDF’s are $25 regardless of the list quantity.

Avery Mailing Labels. We will print the addresses on genuine Avery labels and ship them to you.

Printed Avery Labels are priced per piece from the table below. There is a $25 minimum to print labels. Pricing does not include shipping.

Avery Label Size Barcode Option Return Address Option Labels per sheet Cost per Label
XX67½” x 1-3/4”NoNo80$0.01
XX601” x 2-5/8”NoNo30$.03 ea
XX611” x 4”YesNo20$.04 ea
XX621-1/3” x 4”YesNo14$.05 ea
XX632” x 4”YesYes10$.10 ea
XX643” x 4”YesYes6$.12 ea

Postal Reports. Postal reports are for those mailers that have a Bulk Mail Permit with the Post Office. Please see the USPS website or speak with the Post Office for more information on how to get and use a Bulk Mail Permit.

Postal Reports include:
  • CASS Certification Report
  • NCOA Report
  • Presort Reports
  • Tray Tags
  • Labels with Barcode and Endorsement

All reports and tray tags will come as PDF’s. You will be responsible for labeling, sorting and traying your mailing.

Postal Reports are $50 regardless of quantity.

Printed labels are an additional cost – See Avery Label options in the table above.

To get started, click the button and fill out the online request and attach your mailing list.

Once we receive and review your request, we will send you a link to checkout online. Within 1 business day after you complete the checkout process we will e-mail and ship your order. Typically you can expect the process to be much faster.

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